Cataract Surgery

Aims: Develop technology to enable an automated co-pilot for eye surgeons.

Summary: This project aims to develop technology to enable a system that can function as an automated co-pilot for surgeons using cataract surgery as a testbed procedure. Given video of the surgical field during a procedure, this system segments the procedure into constituent activities, assign a skill rating for each activity, and provide commensurate feedback to the surgeon. This project relies upon multiple modes of data including video images and verbal and textual surgical narratives.

Funding: The Wilmer Eye Institute Pooled Professors Fund 2016 (PI: Dr. Shameema Sikder), and an unrestricted research grant to The Wilmer Eye from Research to Prevent Blindness

People: Shameema Sikder, S. Swaroop Vedula, Gregory D. Hager, Anand Malpani, Sidra Zafar, Tae Soo Kim


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