Current Projects

Nasal Septoplasty

This project involves three core research directions. First, develop novel techniques to capture instrument motion data in nasal septoplasty. Second, to develop and validate algorithms based on machine learning and deep learning techniques to automate assessment of surgical technical skill and competency... Read more

Cataract Surgery

This project aims to develop technology to enable a system that can function as an automated co-pilot for surgeons using cataract surgery as a testbed procedure... Read more

Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

This project aims to develop methods that can automatically 1) segment the surgical procedure into constituent steps (phases), and 2) assess the surgical skill within each step... Read More

ADVICE framework for simulation-based training

This project encompasses various surgical data science questions like skill assessment, generating feedback, and monitoring learning... Read More

Automated Feedback for Robot-assisted Needle Passing

This project aims to develop a framework that can replicate expert-like feedback for coaching surgeons learning robot-assisted needle passing skill... Read More